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Our campers are hand built in our workshop in Melbourne, Australia. We take great pride in our service and craftsmanship.

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Our Teardrops

Inspired by the classic trailers of the 1930s and 40s, our teardrop campers recreate the sweet curves, all-wood construction and retro charm of these original woodies.

 Our perfectly proportioned woody is small enough to be towed by just about any car you like, and we can make you an off-road teardrop that will go pretty much anywhere your 4WD can take it.

As far as we know, no-one else in Australia is making the true woody goodness you’ll find here. Each one of our caravans is designed & custom built to order and we produce a strictly limited number of teardrop campers each year.

Commissioning a custom caravan is as easy as buying one off the shelf…
just a lot more satisfying.

“It was so nice to sleep in!
The best night sleep I’ve ever had camping!”

Josie & Michael, Preston

“Oh my god it’s amazing!
Wow you guys have done such a beautiful job!!”

Michael & Josie , Preston

Quality – Melbourne Designed & Made.

Our campers and caravans don’t only look beautiful, they are exceptionally well crafted. Our work is not only built to last, but to be a pleasure to use and spend time in. 

Many caravans and motorhomes are built with low-quality materials such as cheap batteries and chargers, poor wiring and insulation. They often contain materials with toxic components such as formaldehyde glue or VOC emitting plastics.

We use the healthiest and highest quality materials and products available, which often means we source our supplies from yacht and maritime industry rather than caravan suppliers. High quality materials and components cost more upfront, but we believe the comfort, beauty and reliability they deliver is worth every penny.

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We love small campers, tents, huts, campervans, cabins & caravans.

We love designing them, building them, collecting them, sharing them & most of all, having big adventures in them.

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